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Your Quick Aggregate Facts

Aggregate is the term we use to describe the sand, stone and gravel used in the construction industry. Whether you realize it or not, all of our buildings and modern infrastructure rely on this resource, making it vital to our modern way of life. For a resource that’s so prevalent in our society, it’s surprising… Read more »

How To Recycle Asphalt

Asphalt is the pavement of choice for roads in North America: it covers over 90% of our streets. Asphalt is quick to pave, easy to maintain, and highly versatile. It can even be recycled using portable plants for increased cost savings on future paving projects! Let’s dig into how this recycling process works and the… Read more »

A Decade Of Use At The Sechelt Gravel Mine

When choosing aggregate equipment, durability is a must. You want your investment to pay off, and every time your equipment goes down, your operation is leaving money on the table—not to mention the cost of expensive parts that need to be replaced. We build our aggregate equipment to be robust and simple, increasing time between… Read more »

Now part of Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.

“We at Carminex Systems are very excited to be working with a world class organization such as Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. and will continue to provide premiere quality products and innovative solutions to all our mining and aggregate customers worldwide.”

“Chez Systèmes Carminex, nous sommes très heureux de travailler avec une organization de classe mondiale telle que Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. et nous continuerons de fournir des produits de première qualité et des solutions innovantes à tous nos clients miniers et agrégats dans le monde entier.”

– Domenico Corsetti, Carminex Systems

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