A Decade Of Use At The Sechelt Gravel Mine

When choosing aggregate equipment, durability is a must. You want your investment to pay off, and every time your equipment goes down, your operation is leaving money on the table—not to mention the cost of expensive parts that need to be replaced.

We build our aggregate equipment to be robust and simple, increasing time between maintenance outages to lower operating costs. This isn’t just a statement; our equipment has proven results. Sepro’s Tyre Drive Scrubber installed at the Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine has been running issue-free for over a decade.

The Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine

One of Canada’s largest aggregate operations, the Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited’s Sechelt mine covers over 250 hectares of land and produces 4 million tonnes of aggregate per year. The mine produces five types of product, namely crushed stone, gravel, recycled construction aggregate, sand, and concrete aggregate.

The mine has been using a Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber for over ten years with no issues or interruptions to their operation.

Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber

Applications Of The Tyre Drive Scrubber

At the Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine, the scrubber removes clay contamination from crushed aggregate, gravel, and sand to produce a clean product. Other scrubbing applications for our Tyre Drive Scrubber include:

  • Removal of clay from hard rock ores before crushing
  • Cleaning of contaminated soil and rubble
  • Washing of sticky clays to enable effective screening
  • Pre-treatment of mineral ores in the metal mining industry

Built-In Durability

The Tyre Drive Scrubber features a rugged and durable design to make it one of the most reliable scrubbers on the market. We’ve replaced critical components like ring gears, chain drives, and steel wheels with a more reliable Pneumatic Tyre Drive System. This system of rubber tyres mounted on independent gearboxes provides excellent serviceability and reliability.

By using standard major components, downtime is minimized as replacement parts are widely available. The heavy-duty truck tyres can also be sourced locally. You’ll never be without the parts you need to keep it running.

Expertly engineered, durably built, and field proven, the Sepro Tyre Drive Mineral Scrubber can tackle the toughest mineral scrubbing project day in and day out. For more information about mineral scrubbers or aggregate equipment, contact the experts at Carminex today.

History of Rock Crushers

Gravel pile

For as long as humans have constructed homes, buildings, and roads, we’ve needed aggregates. They are the definitive building blocks of civilizations throughout the world. For centuries the only way to produce aggregates was through sheer manpower: swinging stones and hammers against anvils to crush rocks into smaller and smaller pieces. Production was slow and tiresome. Over time, humans devised ways to use hydro, steam, and even gunpowder to crush more stone with less effort. These primitive rock crushing processes continued past the Industrial Revolution until a man named Eli Blake patented the very first modern jaw crusher.

The First Jaw Crusher

Eli Whitney Blake was running a hardware factory with his brother when at a town hall meeting in 1851, he became inspired to build a rock crushing device. The town was planning on building a two-mile long road which required quite a lot of aggregate. At the time, the method of producing aggregate was by hammering stone. Having a background in engineering, Blake gave it a shot.

Seven years later, Blake patented the first ever jaw crusher in history. The machine used compression between two jaws, one fixed and one reciprocating, to break apart particles. The jaws were set up in a V alignment with the material being fed into the top and crushed aggregate coming out of the bottom. Crushing of a rock was performed in multiple strokes, so the movement of the swing jaw could be quite small. The crushing power was supplied from flywheels on the sides of the crusher that moved the reciprocating jaw.

Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher

The design of Blake’s jaw crusher was so successful that 160 years later we still use the same principles in our Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher.

Cone Crusher Creation

The cone crusher followed the jaw crusher relatively quickly. While not popular at first, these pieces of equipment are now vital to many mining and aggregate operations throughout the world. The first cone crusher was developed by the Symons brothers to improve secondary and tertiary crushing applications. While jaw crushers provide excellent primary crushing duties, new ways of crushing needed to be devised for finer and more consistently sized aggregates.

In 1920, the Symons brothers created the first cone crusher. It crushed rocks by squeezing material between a gyrating cone and a fixed outer concave liner. The crushing process began when large feed entered the top of the crusher and became wedged between the cone and concave liner. It was crushed into smaller pieces and fell to a lower position, where the process repeated itself. This continued until the aggregate was small enough to fall out of the bottom of the crusher.

Blackhawk Cone Crusher

Modern cone crushers like the Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher work in a similar fashion with more efficiency and longevity. For instance, if materials enter the Blackhawk that cannot be crushed or would damage the machine, a hydraulic cylinder allows for the automatic release of the material.

Jaw crushers and cone crushers are modern-day necessities for every aggregate operation. At Carminex, we specialize in supplying quarries and mining operations with the right aggregate equipment and parts so they can hit and exceed production goals. To contact a rock-crushing specialist, call us today at 1.450.922.0900.

The Benefits Of A Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher

Grizzly King Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers were first introduced to the world by Eli Whitney Blake in 1857. His invention was so unique and practical that it earned him a place in the National Inventors Hall Of Fame. Simple and strong, the Blake Jaw Crusher is still the standard to which modern-day crushers are compared.

Now let’s fast forward 160 years.
Introducing the Grizzly-King Heavy Duty Jaw Crusher. This robust piece of machinery was engineered to outperform and outlast all other crushers. We’ve taken Blake’s original idea and heavily invested in research and development to create the king of crushers. Meeting your production goals has never been simpler.

Jaw crusher

Built To Produce

Our jaws are longer than those of conventional crushers, giving the Grizzly-King a few distinct characteristics. Longer jaws increase the size of the crushing chamber, allowing more material to be processed per stroke. It also allows for a narrower nip angle, providing a more positive bite and reducing the possibility of ejected material. Fewer pinched out rocks makes the machine safer for operators.

An eccentric jaw motion forces material through the crushing chamber, and increases production while maintaining the same discharge opening size. The Grizzly-King can process over 950 tons per hour.

Built To Last

The massive frame construction built with heavy steel sections will keep your Grizzly-King in service for years. Its superior rigidity maintains bearing and shaft alignment and prevents costly failures. With a consistent discharge size, you will be able to reduce recirculation, and decrease the wear and tear on other equipment in your production line.

Applications For Your Jaw Crusher

The Grizzly-King can be used as a primary crusher in mining, pit and quarry, construction aggregates, and demolition recycling. Carminex can mount your Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher on a portable plant, allowing your crushing operation to become mobile. This can save time and money when you need to move between sites.

The dimensions for our Grizzly-King Heavy Duty Jaw Crusher are as follows:

Increase your daily aggregate production with a Heavy Duty Grizzly-King Jaw Crusher. Carminex has been a source of industry expertise for decades and provides comprehensive solutions to our clients’ toughest problems. Speak to one of our aggregate experts to get started.

The Largest Aggregate Operations In The World

Aggregate quarries are some of the largest mining operations in the world – gigantic open pit mines that span for kilometres, further than your eyes can see. The aggregate equipment used to process the tonnes and tonnes of rock, gravel, and stone needs to be performing in tip-top condition in order to maximize operational outputs. At Carminex, our decades of expertise mean we know how to match the right equipment with the right project, keeping your machines up and running to produce optimal results.

Here are some of the largest quarries in the world. These operations help build the cities, roads, and bridges that we use every day.

The Largest Granite Quarry

Known locally as The Rock, the world’s largest open-faced granite quarry is in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The site has over 60 acres of exposed rock, but that’s nothing compared to what’s hidden under the surface.

Granite quarry
NC Granite Quarry Mt Airy NC 3682” by bobistravelling is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The entire granite deposit is roughly 11 km long, 2 km wide and reaches 2.5 km deep. The tremendous amount of solid stone could keep this quarry in operation for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It’s rumoured that the site can even be seen from space as a white speck among the surrounding green forest and coastal Atlantic waters.

The granite from this quarry is used in all sorts of structural and monumental projects. The WWII Memorial in Washington D.C., the Arlington Memorial Bridge, and the Albert Einstein Memorial are some of the most well-known monuments built with the granite harvested from Mount Airy. The rock is also used for construction, countertops, street curbs, and other jobs requiring beautiful white stone.

Crushed granite can be used as a base and subbase for road and highway construction. Colourful stones make a beautiful addition to home landscaping and in planters. Larger sizes can be used as rip rap.

Sepro’s Grizzly-King Heavy Duty Jaw Crusher is a strong and efficient granite crumbling device. With jaws longer than conventional crushers and a lower nip angle, you get a more positive bite with fewer pinched out rocks and high tonnages per hour.

The Largest Limestone Quarry

On the northeastern tip of Michigan lies the small community of Rogers City, home of the largest limestone quarry in the world. Currently, 3000 acres of the 8000-acre site are actively mined. The site has been in operation since the early 1900s and is expected to continue for at least another hundred years. Without limestone aggregate, the foundations of our cities would surely crumble.

Limestone quarry
Michigan Limestone and Chemical quarry at Rogers City, MI” by Matt Bower is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Most people are aware that limestone is integral to the building of our roads and buildings, but many people don’t know that it is also an essential ingredient for:

  • Producing cement and concrete
  • Iron and steel production
  • Purifying sugar
  • Adding calcium to poultry and cattle feed
  • Flue-gas treatment

With the help of the largest limestone quarry in the world, the USA is the 2nd largest producer of limestone behind China.

A Huge Canadian Gravel Operation

Coming closer to home, the Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine is one of the largest aggregate mines in Canada. This operation covers 450 hectares and produces 4 million tons of sand, gravel, and stone a year which is used primarily to create concrete.

Concrete is one of the most common man-made substances on the planet. Any large quarry like the Sechelt Sand and Gravel Mine is sure to have an impact on the surrounding environment. That’s why this particular operation makes sustainability a priority. It has even been recognized for its efforts in giving back to local communities, preserving nature, and raising knowledge about the biological values of mining sites.

During the production process of aggregates, it’s necessary to remove any contaminants like clay from the crushed stone. If contaminants are found in the concrete mixture, the resulting product is poor and possibly useless. The Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine currently uses a Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber for the purpose of clay removal from stone, and it has been operating issue free for almost a decade. During the last ten years, Sepro has helped the Sechelt mine become one of the largest aggregate producers in all of Canada.

Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber
Sepro Tyre Drive Scrubber in operation at the Sechelt Sand & Gravel Mine

Carminex is a proud supplier of Sepro aggregate equipment like the Tyre Drive Scrubber. To get the most production out of your quarry, speak to one of our aggregate equipment experts today. We can provide the largest operations (and even the smallest) with the right equipment, parts, and service.

Recycle Your Aggregate Onsite With A Portable Plant

Having a portable plant built to recycle concrete and asphalt aggregates is becoming more common as industry standards on energy consumption tighten. It’s also more cost-effective to crush concrete and asphalt on-site versus loading and hauling the resources from your construction area or quarry. At Carminex, we have the experience necessary to mount any portable impactor to a custom built plant for effective mobile aggregate recycling.

Lower Your Energy Consumption

The days of trucking used concrete to landfills are over. Recycling concrete for future projects is now the norm. Instead of loading and hauling your aggregate away to a recycling centre, which increases fuel consumption and pollution levels, we can create an electric, portable impactor plant. This system reduces emissions and operational costs, while creating a reusable concrete or asphalt aggregate.

Difficulties In Recycling Aggregate

Recycling concrete or asphalt can only be achieved if all of the impurities are removed. There cannot be any metal or steel such as rebar left in the feed. Our plants are built with powerful filtering magnets onboard, to rid the construction material of contaminants before crushing. If large metal pieces find their way into the impactor, it could become damaged. Carminex’s portable impactor plants make sure this doesn’t happen.

Finding parts for your mobile plant can also be a challenge should a piece of equipment onboard need maintenance. Carminex has Hewitt Robins™ parts and equipment for our portable plants in stock to limit any equipment downtime that may occur.

Sorting your recycled concrete or asphalt after processing is another difficulty posed to portable plants. With Carminex, you won’t need to purchase any other extra conveyors or screens; we build them right into your mobile plant. It’s an all-in-one mobile solution.

Creating Your Portable Solution

We’ve been building mobile solutions for aggregate companies for decades. We have the parts, equipment, and experience necessary to build you a safe and functional piece of equipment. Our portable plants can use Sepro, OEM, or any customer-supplied screening or crushing equipment. They are easy to maintain, quick to setup and teardown, making frequent moves between yards quick.
To speak with an aggregate expert about your next portable plant, contact us at 1.450.922.0900.

What’s The Difference Between A Jaw Crusher And Cone Crusher?

Crushing equipment has the seemingly simple job of breaking up massive boulders and rocks into smaller aggregate. Something so straightforward is quite complex in practicality. Huge machines weighing thousands of kilograms, crush some of the hardest materials ever to exist, pumping out tonne after tonne of valuable stone.

The two most popular pieces of aggregate equipment in the market include cone crushers and jaw crushers. While cone crushers and jaw crushers both perform a similar job of breaking rocks, their approach and applications are quite different.

Introducing The Jaw Crusher

These burly machines act as a primary crusher for mining and processing ore. Two powerful jaws (one fixed, one moveable) are mounted in a “V” alignment. The moveable jaw reciprocates, crushing the large rocks until they are small enough to fit through the opening at the bottom of the “V.” The Grizzly King Jaw Crusher is one example of an effective aggregate solution.

Jaw Crusher Benefits

Every site has different needs and requirements, so jaw crushers can be found in different sizes and capacities. This gives you the opportunity to make the most optimal choice for your project. If you are not sure what size fits your current needs, speak to one of our aggregate experts.

Parts are easy to find, and maintenance is straightforward. Carminex carries a full stock of jaw crusher parts to keep your machines up and running. Performing simple maintenance will ensure that your jaw crushers provide long-term value.

Introducing the Cone Crusher

Cone crushers take care of secondary and tertiary crushing applications. Fine and medium-sized aggregates (used in asphalt and concrete, for example) are created by an eccentrically rotating shaft that grinds the rocks between a robust metal cone and a fixed wall. The Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher is an example of a powerful cone crushing machine.

Cone Crusher Benefits

Large feed openings can be paired with small discharge sizes, giving cone crushers a high crushing ratio. This makes the machines incredibly efficient, reducing the need for further crushing applications. Adding in the low operational costs to run the machine and you get a powerful tool with a small footprint.

Sepro Cone Crusher

Wear-resistant, durable parts give the machine a long life-span. Parts are readily available as well, limiting any equipment downtime.

Additional Crushing Benefits

Carminex can create a portable plant for both the jaw crusher and cone crusher for contractors and sites with multiple locations. Some of our current mobile crushing plants are being built in Montreal right now for delivery to Indonesia.

As Canada’s largest supplier of mineral processing equipment, we’ve been creating and delivering custom solutions for aggregate equipment, including jaw and cone crushers, for several decades now. We’ve provided technical and operational support on many projects, ensuring that each job is met with the proper solution.
Speak to one of our aggregate experts today to find out if a jaw crusher or cone crusher is the right choice for you.

Our Current Portable Plant Projects


Do you need a portable plant? Carminex has the means to supply you with exactly what you need.

Founded in 1993 in Quebec, Canada, Carminex has grown to a global organization working on mining and quarry projects around the world. As part of our mission to provide flexible solutions, we’ve developed a wide range of portable plants that we build for our clients, no matter where they are located.  For instance, one of the most recent projects we are working on is in Indonesia.

Why Indonesia?

The mining sector has been one of the key sectors supporting Indonesia’s economic growth for a number of years. The industry makes a significant contribution to Indonesian GDP, exports, government revenues, employment, and perhaps most importantly, the economic development of the remote regions where mining operations are located. This is precisely where our portable plants are the most useful.

Data from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board shows Canadian investment in Indonesia for the period of 2005 up to 2011 consisted of 37 projects worth US$157 million. A major sector both by the number of projects and investment value is the mining industry.

Indonesia is not like any ordinary country. Indonesia consists of more than seventeen thousand islands, although some a very large, and densely populated, others are small and uninhabited. Some mines and quarries create logistical challenges to setting up aggregate equipment making mobility a priority. Many quarry owners are looking at portable equipment as a cost-savings option when they have multiple locations, since they only need one crushing system and can move the equipment from place to place for crushing and stockpiling inventory.

What Plants Are We Building?

For a current project in Indonesia, we are building a Grizzly King Jaw Plant. These plants make mobile crushing safe and simple. Quick setup and teardown times maximize efficiency, and when mounted with a Grizzly King Jaw Crusher your mobile plant has added benefits of:


  • Fewer pinched-out rocks and a more positive bite thanks to longer than conventional jaws.
  • High production tonnage, up to 982 tph.
  • Non-choking jaws that outproduce other crushers, reducing recirculation.
  • Sturdy construction and reliable service providing years of value.

At Carminex we specialize in creating portable plants and Hewitt Robins™ equipment. Our team of experts are dedicated to finding and building the right product for each client, based on their specific requirements.

When portability is key to your aggregate or quarry project, Carminex has the solution. Our efficient portable plants can improve your productivity and bottom line. To get a quote on a mobile solution for your next project give us a call at 1.450.922.0900 or send a message to our aggregate experts.

HR Incline Vibrating Screens Can Be Customized To Your Needs

Carminex supplies the most comprehensive solutions for your quarry or aggregate needs. To achieve this, we carry a variety of parts, equipment, and portable plants that fulfill the demands of the current mining environment. Our HR incline vibrating screen is one example of an exceptional machine making positive impacts in quarries around the world on a daily basis. Its customizable features and heavy-duty construction provide optimal performance day in and day out.

Here is why it is one of our most popular pieces of equipment:

Industry Proven

Hundreds of installed units have provided reliability for decades. With worldwide distribution, we know that our screens perform optimally in a variety of environments.


These vibrating screens are durable. Heavy-duty construction provides longevity and long-term value. Its rugged screen construction handles heavy loads with ease. To handle the toughest, most abrasive materials, scalping units are recommended.

Deck Options

Single, double, and triple deck versions are available for coarse or fine sizing. Deck designs with a single crown, double crown or flat (punch plate, modular rubber or urethane) profile are options allowing for ultimate customization and efficiency. Your vibrating screen is built to fit your specific project goals.

Sepro Screens


Available in standard sizes from 3’ X 6’ (1m X 2m) to 8’ X 24’ (2.4m x 7m) in single, double or triple deck options. Longer screening decks increase aggregate travel time, maximizing screening efficiency. However, shorter decks can provide easier mobility and fit smaller operations better. Having clear goals and project scope will allow our experts to match you with the best-sized screen. Our full sizing chart is as follows:

Screen Sizing Chart


The best equipment requires the best parts. HR incline vibrating screens are fully compatible with Hewitt Robins™ parts. The team at Carminex are Hewitt Robins™ experts as we have worked with these machines for decades. We can help you with any questions you have and provide the information you need to keep your vibrating screens up and running.

Want a customized solution for your next project? Give us a call at +1.450.922.0900 and speak with an aggregate expert. We can help you decide on the size, screen type, and deck options for your vibrating screen that will make positive impacts on your next digs. 

The Hewitt Robins™ Parts And Aggregate Equipment We Carry

An efficient aggregate site starts with top-notch equipment. At Carminex we’ve designed, tested and sold Hewitt Robins™ equipment for over 25 years, so whether you’re looking for new equipment or replacement parts we have exactly what you need.

As part of our commitment to providing effective solutions for your aggregate projects, we made it our priority to be able to deliver Hewitt Robins™ parts fast. Do you manage a mining site in North America? Do you need top quality equipment, delivered on time and on budget? From crushers to feeders, we have what you need to keep your equipment running.

Here are some of the products we offer that will help you achieve your goals on your next dig.

Grizzly King Jaw Crusher

  • Engineered for maximum strength and rigidity to furnish many years of service.
  • Larger jaws, greater crushing chamber, and a more positive bite produce more material per stroke.
  • With the longer, non-choking jaws, the crushers outproduce other primary crushers, reducing recirculation and taking the load off other equipment.
  • Produces high production tonnages and high reduction ratios while maintaining the same discharge opening size.

Screens and Scalping Equipment

We carry a variety of screens and scalping equipment to fit a diverse range of applications. If you’re confused about which one is right for your next project, be sure to read up on how to pick the right screen.

  • HR vibrating grizzly feeder
  • HR incline vibrating screen
  • HR heavy duty scalping screen
  • HB horizontal/dewatering screen
  • Rod deck screen

FinesPro Sand Plants

Two models are available depending on your needs, FinesPro60 and FinesPro100. These machines:

  • Removes silts, slimes and clays from sand to produce a saleable product.
  • Can be configured to perform simple washing of primary products.
  • Can be configured to recover fine minerals down to 50 microns.

Blackhawk 100 Cone Crusher

Most cone crushers are built for use on large projects, and the few cone crushers that are available for smaller projects aren’t high power. The Blackhawk Cone Crusher is a high power piece of equipment designed specifically for small to medium sized projects. It has been developed to have:

  • High quality and durable components.
  • A Compact design.
  • A High horsepower motor (90 kW).
  • Simplified operation and maintenance.

The Blackhawk 100 cone crusher does not require v-belts or sheaves either.

Tyre Drive Scrubber

Rugged and simple. Our Tyre Drive Scrubber operates in many applications on feeds with high clay contents, Sepro Scrubbers are well proven as the optimum choice for difficult ore and stone washing duties. Its features include:

  • No critical components such as ring gears, chain drive, steel wheels or trunnion bearings.
  • Standard, off-the-shelf major components to minimize any downtime.
  • Commercial heavy truck tyres that can easily be sourced locally.
  • Rubber shell liners and lifters for easy replacements and long lifespan.
  • Design allows for quick and efficient maintenance.

Grinding Mills

Sepro Tyre Drive Grinding Mills are a reliable solution for small and medium capacity grinding applications and are suitable for Ball, Rod and Pebble charges. Mills come complete with a variable frequency drive package which allows you to fine-tune the operation of the mill based on the charge and application. Key features for our grinding mills include:

  • Low installation costs with no heavy foundation requirements.
  • Units are all pre-assembled and shop tested.
  • Rubber shell liners and lifters for long life and ease of replacement.
  • Shell supported design allows for quick and efficient maintenance.
  • Various configurations available (overflow or grate discharge).

As Hewitt Robins™ and Sepro specialists, we have designed, tested, and sold these products for over 25 years. We are the experts capable of providing you with innovative quarrying solutions that make big impacts on quarrying and aggregate projects.

Even if a product is not listed above, we may have a solution readily available to you. Let us know your specifications and we’ll help provide everything from spare parts to new equipment for your project. We offer custom solutions to your aggregate mining needs, so be sure to call one of our experts at +1.450.922.0900 today.

What Portable Cone Crushing Plants Can Offer You

When portability is key to your quarrying and aggregate project, Carminex has the solution. Our custom-built, portable crushing plants are efficient machines made to improve your productivity and bottom line.

At Carminex, our engineering department employs a team that continuously build on and improve products that help our clients maximize their efficiency on site. With a portable crushing plant, you’ll see value being generated by means of reduced operating costs, and versatility across operations.

Using a portable cone crushing plant means that you’ll also be able to mount our products on a truck frame and generate sand, stone and gravel products at the site. Not only does this save on transportation costs, but screening options on our portable crushing plants can also save on processing costs as well.

Portable Crushing Plant Features

Not only do portable crushing plants take less space, but they also provide improved production capacity and can reduce the impact on the environment compared to other, similar options. Our portable crushing plants are built upon a few key features.


Safety is of paramount importance when working on any mineral project and is, therefore, the cornerstone of all of our portable crushing plants. With over 26 years of experience creating quarrying and aggregate equipment, you can count on all Carminex products to meet your safety specifications.


We build our plants to be easily configured and disassembled on site, maximizing the efficiency of your next project. With a straightforward setup, your plant will be up and running in no time! When it’s time to move, packing up the plant is a quick and simple process, saving on time and resources.


The less downtime you have for maintenance, the more aggregate you can produce. Our portable plants are built tough enough to withstand the strains of transporting your aggregate equipment across difficult terrain. Durability is of particular importance for our portable crushing plants, which are designed to run through the toughest conditions and applications, day in and day out.


Our portable cone crushing plants are designed to adapt to a variety of configurations. This includes various discharge options like:

  • Simple rear discharge
  • IOC (feed and discharge conveyor)
  • Front discharge
  • Swing conveyor discharge.

The design of our portable crushing plants revolves around creating products that are safe, easy to maintain and configure for over-the-road towing with minimum disassembly.

We also have extensive experience mounting different types of cone crushers including Sepro Blackhawks, Metso™, Sandvik™ and Telsmith™ varieties.

If you’re interested in improving your bottom line, speak to an expert about our portable cone crushing plants. Give us a call at 1.450.922.0900 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What To Do When You Need Hewitt Robins™ Parts Fast

Hewitt Robins Parts

In the aggregates industry, equipment gets put through a lot. Working with hard, coarse materials can take a toll on machinery. Even the toughest of machines can end up needing some maintenance. Our decades of experience in designing, testing and selling aggregate equipment has shown us the importance of having readily available spare parts.

At Carminex, we have a wide range of replacement parts for all of your quarrying needs. From toggle plates to Hewitt Robins™ crusher tension rods, and a full inventory of spare parts for all Sepro equipment.

All of our Hewitt Robins™ parts can be delivered across the world, however, we also work with many local companies, here in Quebec, who are looking for somewhere to pick-up spare parts, immediately.

If you are a local company, looking to collect Hewitt Robins™ parts today simply call us on +1.450.922.0900 and one of our friendly team can confirm availability and set parts aside for collection. We are open from 8am to 5pm.

Customers further afield can contact us by sending us a message here. We generally respond to messages within 24 hours on a working day.

You can browse a selection of the parts we carry below, but for our full inventory, we recommend getting in touch.

Hewitt Robins™ Jaw Crusher Parts

  • Spring Washer Assembly
  • Tension Springs
  • Cheek Plates
  • Toggle Seat
  • Toggle Plate
  • Toggle Block
  • Tension Rods
  • Toggle Block Adjusting Bolt Assembly

Hewitt Robins™ Screen & Feeder Parts

  • Tension Rails – Skirtboards
  • Bearing Closure
  • Tension Springs
  • Grizzly Bars
  • Bucker-Up Strip
  • Double Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Bearing Housing
  • Tension Bolts, Wedges, Washers
  • Sheaves
  • Shaker Screen Spherical Roller Bearing

Aftermarket Parts

  • Belt Security Systems
  • Toggle Plate
  • Screen Cloth
  • Carbak
  • Guards
  • Idlers
  • Pulleys
  • Belt Scrapers

If you have any questions about the Hewitt Robins™ parts we carry or are unsure of what part you need, we invite you to get in touch today and one of our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

Hewitt Robins™ is a registered trademark of Metso Minerals and Tata Group.

How Carminex’s Equipment Went Global


Since 1993, Carminex Systems has been producing screens and feeders from a suburb of Montreal in Quebec. Aggregate producers across the province have become familiar with our name, faces, equipment and parts. Carminex has grown into one of Quebec’s biggest quarrying and aggregate equipment providers. Our quality products also made their way outside of Quebec and onto the radar of Sepro Mineral Systems.

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. produces mineral processing equipment and plants for mining and aggregates companies across the world. They recognized the quality of Carminex products and the aggregate expertise of the Carminex team.

Earlier this year, Sepro saw an opportunity to combine resources with Carminex and decided to acquire the company. Since then, our aggregate equipment has made its way to even more locations across the world. As a division of Sepro, we have been able to join forces and support even more people with spare part supplies and equipment requests. Here’s what Carminex’s Chief Draftsman had to say about the acquisition,

“We at Carminex Systems are very excited to be working with a world class organization such as Sepro Mineral Systems Corp. and will continue to provide premiere quality products and innovative solutions to all our mining and aggregate customers worldwide.”

Each week Sepro engineers new plants for their clients, combining Sepro and Carminex aggregate equipment to create a high quality, mobile solution to be used somewhere in the world. Carminex specializes in grizzly screens and portable feeders, which go hand-in-hand with many Sepro products, including their cone crushers.

Find out about some of the portable plants we’ve recently developed.

Just because Carminex now has customers worldwide, it doesn’t mean we are any less committed to dealing with urgent parts requests from businesses local to our base in Lachine, Quebec. Call and speak to one of our team in English or French between 8am and 5pm (EDT) on +1.450.922.0900.

Alternatively, if you are interested in finding out about how we can work with you on a portable plant, send us a message and one of our friendly Carminex or Sepro team will get back to you very soon.

Speak to our equipment and parts team.     1.450.922.0900