What Portable Cone Crushing Plants Can Offer You

When portability is key to your quarrying and aggregate project, Carminex has the solution. Our custom-built, portable crushing plants are efficient machines made to improve your productivity and bottom line.

At Carminex, our engineering department employs a team that continuously build on and improve products that help our clients maximize their efficiency on site. With a portable crushing plant, you’ll see value being generated by means of reduced operating costs, and versatility across operations.

Using a portable cone crushing plant means that you’ll also be able to mount our products on a truck frame and generate sand, stone and gravel products at the site. Not only does this save on transportation costs, but screening options on our portable crushing plants can also save on processing costs as well.

Portable Crushing Plant Features

Not only do portable crushing plants take less space, but they also provide improved production capacity and can reduce the impact on the environment compared to other, similar options. Our portable crushing plants are built upon a few key features.


Safety is of paramount importance when working on any mineral project and is, therefore, the cornerstone of all of our portable crushing plants. With over 26 years of experience creating quarrying and aggregate equipment, you can count on all Carminex products to meet your safety specifications.


We build our plants to be easily configured and disassembled on site, maximizing the efficiency of your next project. With a straightforward setup, your plant will be up and running in no time! When it’s time to move, packing up the plant is a quick and simple process, saving on time and resources.


The less downtime you have for maintenance, the more aggregate you can produce. Our portable plants are built tough enough to withstand the strains of transporting your aggregate equipment across difficult terrain. Durability is of particular importance for our portable crushing plants, which are designed to run through the toughest conditions and applications, day in and day out.


Our portable cone crushing plants are designed to adapt to a variety of configurations. This includes various discharge options like:

  • Simple rear discharge
  • IOC (feed and discharge conveyor)
  • Front discharge
  • Swing conveyor discharge.

The design of our portable crushing plants revolves around creating products that are safe, easy to maintain and configure for over-the-road towing with minimum disassembly.

We also have extensive experience mounting different types of cone crushers including Sepro Blackhawks, Metso™, Sandvik™ and Telsmith™ varieties.

If you’re interested in improving your bottom line, speak to an expert about our portable cone crushing plants. Give us a call at 1.450.922.0900 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.